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Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

The date of amendment:1st JUNE 2018

We, as a member of the Nitori Group, recognize that it is our social responsibility to handle personal information acquired from customers and the other parties with care and rigor, and observe the matters stipulating in the "Personal Information Protection Policy".
We will also make efforts to continually improve the handling of personal information.

Representative Director & President
Kunihiko Takahashi

A Personal Information Protection Policy

1.Compliance with Relevant Laws and Guidelines

We pledge to comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan (herein referred to as “Law”) and relevant cabinet or ministerial orders regarding the acquisition or utilization of personal information and other handling of personal information defined by the Law.
A "Principal" in relation to personal information in this Privacy Policy (including relevant rules or procedure referred hereto) means a specific individual identifiable by personal information.

2.Utilization Purpose

We specify the purpose of utilizing personal information (herein referred to as “utilization purpose”) and handle personal information within the necessary scope to achieve the specified purpose. More information on the utilization purpose is referable at 【 Utilization Purpose of Personal Information 】.

3.Altering of Utilization Purpose

We may alter the utilization purpose in the preceding article within the reasonable scope relevant to the pre-altered utilization purpose. In this case, we shall disclose to the public the post-altered utilization purpose on our website and other platforms.

4.Utilizing within the scope of utilization purpose

We handle personal information within the necessary scope to achieve the utilization purpose. In cases beyond the said scope herein, we shall obtain Principal’s consent in advance, except in the following cases;

5.Proper Acquisition

We shall not acquire personal information by improper means.

6.Special Care-Required Personal Information

If we acquire special care-required personal information, requiring special care as not to cause unfair discrimination, prejudice or other disadvantages to a principal defined in Article 2, paragraph (3) of the Law, we obtain Principal’s consent in advance. However, we may acquire special care-required personal information without prior consent in the following cases:

7.Data Accuracy

We keep personal data accurate and up to date within the necessary scope to achieve a utilization purpose. We set a storage period of personal information within the necessary scope to achieve an utilization purpose and pursuant to regulations including, but not limited to, relevant laws or guidelines, and will delete personal information after the storage period has concluded.

8.Security Control

We take necessary and appropriate actions for the security control of personal data to protect against unauthorized access, falsification, leaks, loss or damage of personal data.

9.Supervision over employees

We exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over our employees and perform necessary training and education so as to seek the security control of the personal data.

10.Supervision over third parties

We entrust whole or part of the handling of personal data to a third party in regards to delivery, maintenance, or repair services in the scope of the utilization purpose. In this case, we select a third party who can: hande personal information properly, set proper security control, keeps everything confidential, terms,conditions and other matters regarding handling personal data in an entrust contract, comprehend thesituation of said third party, and exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over said third party.

11.Third Party Provision

We do not provide personal data to a third party without obtaining an individual’s consent in advance unless otherwise stated in the following cases and prescribed separately herein;

12. Joint Utilization

Each company of NITORI group jointly utilizes personal information within the companies and business alliances of the group. More information on said joint utilization is referable at 【 Joint Utilization with NITORI Group Companies and Business Alliance Companies 】.

13. Provision to a Third Party in a Foreign Country

We, notwithstanding any other provision herein regarding third party provision, will obtain an individual's consent in advance when providing personal information to a third party in a foreign country except in the following cases;

14. Provision of anonymously processed information

When producing anonymously processed information, formulate processing standards pursuant to the standards of the Personal Information Protection Commission and the processing method of accredited personal information protection organization, take security control action of the information of processing methods, and fulfill the obligation to publishanonymously processed information.

15. Confirmation and keeping record

We confirm and keep records appropriately pursuant to relevant laws and guidelines when exchanging personal data with a third party.

16. Notification, disclosure, correction etc matters concerning acquired personal data

We respond properly to requests of notification, disclosure, correction etc for matters concerning acquired personal data under Presonal Information Protection Act.
Please see【consultation desk for personal information】for more details on demands above mentioned.

17. Amendment

This Privacy Policy may be altered in the extent to not be contrary to laws and guidelines.

B Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

1.Utilization purpose

2.Exceptions for publication of utilization purpose

We shall not disclose nor state a utilization purpose in the case of the following;

C Joint Utilization with NITORI Group Companies and Business Alliance Companies

Nitori group jointly utilizes personal data handled in each of the companies of NITORI groupand business alliances in order to provide high value services for parties concerned. Nevertheless, in case of a change in the scope of joint users or the responsible official for controlling joint utilization, the individual will be informed in advance or we will create a method so that the individual could easily access said information.

1.Joint Utilization Items

Name, address, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, purchase (cancellation) history, usage history of member cards, coupon usage history, and provision or inquiry contents.
※Excluding special care-required personal information provided to NITORI Facility Co., Ltd. in purchasing insurance products.

2.Scope of joint users

<Nitori Group Companies>

<Business Alliance Companies>

3.Utilization Purpose

4.Responsible Official for Joint Utilization

Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd., Nitori Co., Ltd., Ltd., Home Logistics Co., Ltd., NITORI FURNITURE Co., Ltd., HOME DECO CO., LTD.:
Customer Service Office 【Personal Information Inquiry Desk】

Nitori Facility Co., Ltd.:

Nitori Public Co., Ltd.:
General Affairs & Accounting Division 011-717-5020

KATITAS Co., Ltd. :
General Affairs 0277-20-7400

REPRICE Co.,Ltd. :
General Affairs 052-228-8205

D Personal Information Inquiry Desk

1.Opinions and Consultation

If you have any opinions or require consultation about our handling of personal information, please contact the Personal Information Inquiry Desk below.

2.How to Demand Disclosure of Personal Data

(1) Demand
Please contact the inquiry desk, and we will provide the necessary documents (identity verification documents, documents that can be confirmed as an proxy in case demanded, etc.) .

(2) Response to Demand
We will respond in writing to the individual or proxy regarding the disclosure demand after we conduct confirmation and/or investigation of the contents. Nevertheless, we may refrain to disclose the information in cases which there is the possibility of harming a life, body, property, rights or interests of the individual of a third party by disclosure.

3.Personal Information Inquiry Desk

NITORI Customer Service (business hours: 10:00-20:00)
Fixed-line phone: 0120-014-210 (toll-free)
Mobile phone: 0570-064-210 (navigation dial)


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