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Offerring you a colourful daily life by the coordination of window HOME・DECO CO.,LTD.

Our goods include not only ready-made curtain but also order curtain.
We import ready-made curtain from China ,Viet Nam,Turkey,etc,at the same time,we have our own factory in Japan to sew order curtain and interior articles.
As one of the supplier of NITORI(furniture&interior),we try the best to bring affluent home living to as many as our customers.

Company Information

Company Information

Company Name
The President
Kunihiko Takahashi
Founding Date
May 23,2006
Head Office
435-2 Iizumi,Kazo-shi,Saitama 349-1211 Japan
Tel +81-280-61-1089
FAX +81-280-61-1091
importing and wholesale of ready-made curtain(70%)
sewing order curtain(30%)
171 people (January 31.2019)
(48 Full-time employees, 102 temporary employees, 21 Vietnamese)
28 million yen
The main customer
Main Bank
Mizuho Bank Shinbashi branch
Gunma Bank Itakura branch


Nov. 2003
The Sewing department of Watanabe Logistics is founded.
Sep. 2004
As the lead-in of shape memory device,integrated curtain production system is established.
May. 2006
Watanabe Logistics has developed into a special curtian company,HOME・DECO Co.,Ltd is founded.
Sep. 2006
Starting business with NITORI Co.,Ltd.
Aug. 2011
Capital raise to 28,000,000 YEN
by the supportting from NITORI Co.,Ltd.


Our Business

The Main Business

HOME・DECO is a company that produce and import curtain as well as interior articles.
Pouring all our efforts into the slogan that "Offerring you a colourful daily life by the coordination of window"

Sewing order curtain

The Main Business

The Main Business

Within our 3300㎡ property, we have both our main headquarters and self-owned factory, where we produce on average over 500 custom ordered curtains  (and can make up to 800) per day.
We not only produce curtains within our factory, but also do production in subcontract factories as well- six within Japan, and eight overseas.
Though custom ordered curtains have a reputation for being expensive, by setting affordable prices without sacrificing quality, we wish for customers to enjoy the beauty surrounding their windows.
 We also wish to offer the sort of prosperity in which it is considered the norm to change out curtains in accordance to the seasons.
We and our subcontract factories dream of making this a reality, and work as one to constantly kaizen and reform our procedures to achieve this.

Development and importing ready-made curtain

Developping and importting ready-made curtain

Our goods include not only ready-made curtain but also order curtain.
We import ready-made curtain and fabric from our cooperative factory in China,Viet Nam,Turkey,etc.
at the same time,we have our own factory in Japan to sew order.
In addition,we manage our goods from development to production as well as quality. We make it our mission to provide high quality curtain in low price in continue.

Sales Information

Sales (100million Yen)

Sales (100million Yen)

Introduce of Sewing factory

Indeed,all of the order curtain is produced affter order,we could make sure all of our goods
deliver to your home or store within 7-10 days, as we have holding the most advanced auto-machine in the world.

Cutting  Process
Cutting  Process
Form Memory Process
Form Memory Process
Forming Pleat Process
Forming Pleat Process
Finishing & Inspection Process
Finishing & Inspection Process
Needle Test Process
Needle Test Process

Logistics department introduction

Since january 2019, the logistics depertment has been importing, storing and exporting pre-made curtains made in countries such as China, Vietnam and Turkey in accordance to customers' orders, from the 10,000m2 space in the third floor of GLP kennou-Gokamachi.




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