About us

Greetings from the President

Challenge and Change from a More Global Perspective

The Company originated from the Sewing Division of a logistics company and has continued its business up to the present day while steadily growing.
Since becoming a Nitori Group company in 2011, the three pillars of our business have been the planning and development of curtains, the sewing of curtains, and the import and export of curtains.
Nitori's dream is to "provide people around the world with the richness of their homes.” In conjunction with this, our company "proposes a more comfortable and affluent lifestyle through window coordination.” Every day we pursue customer satisfaction.
In line with Nitori's increasingly globalized store development, we will focus on capital investment utilizing IT while developing new businesses utilizing the technologies and know-how that we have cultivated thus far and demonstrate the significance of our existence.
We will continue to connect curiosity with a challenging spirit and work together with our employees who have the power to change things so that we can offer our customers a more comfortable and affluent lifestyle.

Masaya Sato, Representative Director

Nitori Group Philosophy

Realizing Our Vision with Romanticism as the Starting point

The Nitori Group is committed to providing people around the world with an affluent lifestyle as the starting point of our corporate activities.
We have positioned the realization of our long-term vision through the collective efforts of the Group as the guiding principle of our corporate activities.
The Nitori Group aims to share the benefits of diversity with their customers and other stakeholders by realizing its vision based on Romanticism.

The Romance of Home Deco

We propose a more comfortable and affluent homes through the coordination of the window side.

Nitori Group Vision

Playing a Role as a "Manufacturing Logistics IT Retailer"

The Nitori Group has established a new business model, "Manufacturing Logistics IT Retailing," in which the entire Nitori Group produces products in a series of processes, from product planning and raw material procurement to manufacturing, logistics and sales, while reducing intermediate costs as much as possible.
As a curtain manufacturer, Home Deco is in charge of, and plays a part in, the planning, development, manufacturing, and procurement of curtains.

Company Overview / Access

Company Name Home Deco Co., Ltd.
Establishment May 23, 2006
Capital stock 28 million yen
Representative Masaya Sato, Representative Director
Location of Head Office 435 Iizumi, Kazo City, Saitama 349 1211
Tel: 0280 61 1089
Fax: 0280 61 1091
Business Description
  • Planning and development of curtains
  • Sewing of curtains
  • Import and export of curtains
Number of employees 131
(52 regular employees, 66 PA employees, 13 technical intern trainees)
※As of April 1, 2024
Main Business Partners Nitori Co., Ltd.
Main Banks Mizuho Bank, Shinbashi Branch / Gunma Bank, Itakura Branch


Nov 2003 Watanabe Ryutsu Co., Ltd. Established as Garment Division
May 2006 Established as Home Deco by Watanabe Ryutsu Co., Ltd.
Sep 2006 Started business with Nitori Co., Ltd.
Aug 2011 Alliance with Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd.
Mar 2017 Acquisition of 100% ownership of Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd.
Oct 2019 Domestic logistics operations transferred to Home Logistics Co., Ltd.
Sep 2023 IKen Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary