Planning and development of curtains

Our mission is to understand the needs of our customers and translate them into action to enrich our lives.
By conducting market research, needs analysis, and trend research daily, we strive to develop highly functional products that solve customer problems.
In addition, we strive to provide customers with a highly satisfying purchasing experience by determining the concept, setting a price that is (worth to purchase) and proposing sales methods.

Making "I wish I had" Products

In addition to the beauty of the design and the high level of functionality, we are always concerned about "customer problems" in our development work.
Our goal is to support our customers who purchase our products so that they can lead to have a happy life, and to provide people around the world with an affluent home.
To achieve this, each one of our employees loves our products, works with curiosity, and continues to search for ideas to create products that are not yet available in the world.

Sewing of curtains

The custom-made curtains are carefully sewn with putting a lot of heart to the finest detail to meet the demands of our customers.
In order to deliver high-quality products with reasonable prices in a short delivery time, we are improving our technical capabilities through repeated reviews of work processes.
We are applying our technical expertise not only to custom-made curtains, but also to ready-made curtains to create products that please as many customers as possible.

4.5 million sets of curtains shipped annually

In addition to its own factories, the company works with partner factories based in Japan and overseas to ship 4.5 million sets of curtains annually.
The high market share in the curtain market means that our curtains decorate the windows of many customers.
We share this pride with our partners and build a cooperative system.
In terms of infrastructure, we have also introduced our own production control and inventory control systems to our domestic partner factories to ensure centralized management of information.

Import and export of curtains

Curtains produced at our own factories and at cooperating factories in Japan and overseas are delivered to the Nitori Group in Japan and to Group companies in Asia and the ASEAN region.
Because of the capacity of stores and warehouses are limited, we consider which curtains are needed, how many are needed, and by when, based on the calculation results of sales plans that are worked out regularly.
We also import and export curtains and raw materials so that we can supply the necessary amount at the necessary time.

Cooperation with partners around the world

Our main overseas factories are located in mainland China, where we produce ready-made curtains, custom-made curtains, roll screens, and other products.
In addition to China, ready-made curtains and fabric for made-to-order curtains are produced in Vietnam, and fabric for made-to-order curtains is produced in Korea, Indonesia, India, Turkey, etc.
We seek new business partners from exhibitions held overseas, and proceed with the development of specific products after product development engineers visit local sites and hold repeated discussions.